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Tulsa Spotlight Theater
Home of:
The Drunkard & the Olio

Spotlight Children's Theatre

Tulsa Spotlight Theater is a leading theater in the Tulsa area. We have played a defining role in the cultural life of Tulsa. We are committed to supporting the performing arts and generating a greater appreciation of it by the masses. We love providing the historic stage on which generations of Tulsans live their dreams.

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In September 2022 our theater family lost a legend. Jere Uncapher had been part of the Tulsa Spotlight Theater since 1957, when he was just 12 years old. There is not anyone who has come to the theater in the past 65 years who had not  met Jere. He was the heart of the Tulsa Spotlight Theater and the Spotlight Children’s Theatre. He worked tirelessly in every facet of the theater. It was more than his job; it was his favorite place to be. He will be missed by his Spotlight family and friends.   

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